Welcome to the University of Stuttgart

Approximately 300 international students have arrived at the University of Stuttgart since the first weekend in September.

Around 150 of these are students on the Erasmus and Dual Master’s programs and from our partner universities. The other half are students enrolled in our international Master’s study programs. The students begin arriving at the beginning of September to participate in an intensive German language course, offered by the International Office, before their studies begin. In addition to language tuition, students are also given intercultural training to prepare them for life away from their home country.

During the first few days after arrival, the International Office also offers the new arrivals an extensive orientation program. International students are informed in groups about the numerous formalities that need to be completed at the beginning of their study program, they are given tours of the campus and can also take part in shopping tours, where they are shown the cheapest places to shop.

The international students arrive at the international centre of the university and are advised there. (c)
The international students arrive at the international centre of the university and are advised there.

The university’s buddy program ready.study.stuttgart, organized by the International Office and Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, is particularly popular. Experienced students at the Uni Stuttgart receive intercultural training from the International Office. There are currently more than 80 buddies involved in the program and this year, there are so many voluntary ‘buddies’ for the new students that one-to-one meetings are possible in most cases. The buddies meet the new students at the airport, help them to find their way around campus and check into the halls of residence. If required, the buddies can also help new students with the formalities, such as acquiring a resident’s permit, or opening a bank account. For one day during the first week of September there is also a stand from ready.study.stuttgart at the local citizens’ center that supports the new arrivals as they register and apply for a residence permit.

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