Coronavirus: Information from the university

February 15, 2023

Better health and protection for employees and students at the University of Stuttgart

The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and the remaining federal and state Corona measures relevant to university operations have been abolished, effective from January 31 and February 2, 2023. However, a shortened version of the hygiene concept will continue to apply, in order to ensure health and safety at work, and for students studying at the University of Stuttgart, despite the Corona pandemic.

Hygiene concept

The following applies:

  • You may continue to use an FFP2 mask at your own discretion. This is recommended to protect yourself from illness. It is also recommended that you avoid close contact with others.
  • Employees infected with the Coronavirus should work from home and may only work on-site after gaining permission from their supervisor. In this case, an FFP2 mask must be worn inside university buildings. It is no longer necessary to notify university administration.
  • Students infected with the Coronavirus must wear an FFP2 mask. They may participate in exams and lectures. Further information can be found on the student websites.
  • Anyone who requires a mask can order these by email from the Safety Department.
  • In-person meetings may be held at the discretion of the facility.
  • Business trips may be conducted to areas that are not categorized as virus variant areas.

The university directors ask that you remain careful and considerate when interacting with others.


If you have any questions about infectious illnesses, please feel free to contact the Occupational Medical and Health Services [DE] or Corporate Health Management. If you have any questions regarding occupational health and safety, please contact the Safety Department [DE].


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