“Terra incognita”, the funding program for pioneering research in uncharted areas of the future

July 15, 2019, Nr. 16

University of Stuttgart: A Pioneering University

According to its vision “Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society”, with the research funding program “Terra incognita”. the University of Stuttgart aims to identify promising research areas of the future and thus position itself as a pioneering university. With interdisciplinary approaches, the new fund will contribute to opening up previously undefined fields of research at the University of Stuttgart. Scientists are to be encouraged to venture original project ideas that are fraught with risk, and to obtain new research results on unknown paths.

“The danger of failing with daring research is a great opportunity in science to push the boundaries of knowledge with courage and originality,” commented Prof. Jan Knippers, Vice Rector for Research, on the launch of the “Terra incognita Fund”. “In accordance with our motto 'Planning Ahead for the Topics of the Future', we want to support pioneering research at an early stage and promote a culture of visionary innovativeness at our university,” said Knippers.

In the field of high-risk research, “Terra incognita” is different from existing funding opportunities in that it specifically intends to initiate research in trans- and interdisciplinary, completely new areas and topics. The fund is aimed at individual researchers or research groups at all career stages at the University of Stuttgart. The funding amount is up to 50,000 euros for a funding period of six to twelve months.




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