Experts for

Production Technologies

Industrie 4.0, Fabrik der Zukunft

Prof. Thomas Graf
Laser systems, laser optics, laser materials processing, system engineering for laser-based manufacturing
Prof. Andreas Größler
Operations strategies: long-term and sustainable development of value creation within firms; system dynamics as a methodology to model and simlate complex dynamic systems, e.g. economic crises
Prof. Dr. Bernd Gundelsweiler
Precision Engineering, drives, actuators, magnets, valves, pieozoelectric and shape memory actuators, precsion injection moulding, inductive heating, ejection forces
Prof. Alois Herkommer
Optics, Photonics, Optical design, Simulation of optical systems, illumination systems
Prof. Georg Herzwurm
Information Systems, Information Technology, Economics, Software-intensive Business
Prof. Mathias Liewald
Metal Forming Technology, Production Technology, Numerical Modelling, Metallic Material, Bulk and Sheet Metal Forming, FEM-Simulation, Material Characterisation
Prof. Peter P. Pott
biomedical actuation, medical systems and devices, advanced light microscopy, medical robotics, vibration technology
Prof. Peter Radgen
Energie- and resource efficiency in industry, trade and service as well as in data processing centers.
Prof. Oliver Riedel
IT in Production, Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing processes, real-time simulation of production facilities, big data, software defined manufacturing
Prof. Alexander Sauer
Sustainable production and quality, industrial energy systems, battery production, circular economy
Prof. Dr. Robert Schulz
Mechanical Handling, Technical Logistics, Machine Design, Automation, FEM Simulation, Rope Technology, Ropeway Technology, Intralogistics, Material Flow Simulation
Prof. Michael Weyrich
Information technology of automation, Cyber-physical Systems their engineering, intelligence and reliability
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