This picture shows Prof. Andreas Größler

Prof. Andreas Größler

Areas of Research: Business and Management, Production Technologies, Simulation Sciences
Thematic Priority: Operations strategies: long-term and sustainable development of value creation within firms; system dynamics as a methodology to model and simlate complex dynamic systems

Field of Work

The Department of Operations Management researches and teaches about intra- and inter-organizational value creation processes. We address production as well as service firms from a strategic point of view. How can firms achieve long-term and sustainable success based on their value creation activities? Which strategic objectives exist besides economic profit? How can different stakeholder perspectives be considered when formulating strategies? How can the complex dynamics of economic systems be better understood?

Personal Information

In February 2016, Andreas Größler, born in 1967 at Lampertheim, Germany, took over the newly founded Department of Operations Management at University of Stuttgart. Previously, he was researching and teaching as an associate professor at Radboud University in Nijmegen (NL) for nine years where he directed the Erasmus-Mundus Program in System Dynamics, jointly offered by four European Universities. Andreas Größler studied Business Informatics at Mannheim University (D) and at Aristoteles University in Thessaloniki (GR). He received his doctoral degree (2000) and habilitated (2006) in Business Administration at Mannheim University.

Professor Größler is editor of System Dynamics Review and Operations Management Research. He holds a leading position in the European Operations Management Association, the international System Dynamics Society, the German Society for System Dynamics, and the Society for Business and Social Cybernetics.


Prof. Andreas Größler
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Business Administration (BWI)
Tel.: 0711/ 685-84369

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