This picture shows Prof. Mathias Liewald

Prof. Mathias Liewald

Areas of Research: Machine Engineering, Vehicles-Electromobility, Production Technologies, Production Technologies
Thematic Priority: Metal Forming Technology, Production Technology, Numerical Modelling, Metallic Material, Bulk and Sheet Metal Forming, FEM-Simulation, Material Characterisation

Field of Work

The Institute of Metal Forming Technology (IFU) deals with the forming of metallic material. These research activities, which can be divided into the subjects "Sheet Metal Forming" and Bulk Metal Forming", not only focuses on the (further) development of innovative forming processes, but also issues of their numerical modelling. Due to the well-resourced test field and laboratories, decisive new developments could be realised in the past years belonging nowadays to the global "state-of-the-art" in forming technology. Current projects concentrate on light-weight components of automobile gears and increases of efficiency in sheet metal forming.

The test field of the IFU with its mechanical, hydraulic and servo presses.

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Personal Information

Prof. Mathias Liewald, born in Dortmund in 1960, began to study mechanical engineering at the University of Dortmund, where he afterwards was employed as scientific assistant from 1985 to 1990. After having finished his doctorate, he worked in different leading positions in the industry for well-known companies of the automotive sector (Mercedes-Benz AG, Gebr. Wackenhut GmbH, ThyssenKrupp Nothelfer GmbH) from 1991 to 2005. In 1999, he began studying at the Open University Business School and sucessfully graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree in 2002. Besides, he is active in numerous scientific organisations and works as an expert.


Prof. Mathias Liewald
University of Stuttgart
Institute for Metal Forming Technology (IFU)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-83840

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