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Prof. Nejila Parspour

Areas of Research: Vehicles-Electromobility, Energy Research, Production Technologies, Medical Engineering
Thematic Priority: Electrical Machines, Contactless Energy Transfer

Field of Work

At the Institute of Electrical Energy Conversion (iew), researchers within the two research pillars, Electrical Machines and Contactless Energy Transfer, are engaged in the development of electric motors and inductive energy transfer systems for use in electric vehicles, robots, wind turbines and medical equipment. Methods for the analytical and numerical modeling and optimization of these systems are investigated and novel, highly efficient electric motors and generators, such as the inductive-electrically excited synchronous machine (iEESM), are developed. In particular, the inductive charging of electric vehicles is the subject of research at the iew. Wireless charging enables the automation of the charging process, so that the battery can be automatically charged at any time, for example, in inner-city parking lots, in front of traffic lights or on selected road sections and while driving. This can significantly increase the range of electric vehicles. The efficiency achieved by the systems developed at the iew is over 95%. Further on, the use of new materials in combination with additive manufacturing for soft and hard magnetic materials is also being researched at the iew. This technology opens up new possibilities to design drives and inductive charging systems in a highly efficient and resource-saving manner. 

Gokart-Team of the University of Stuttgart.

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Personal Information

How do you charge batteries without plugging them into the power supply system for hours? This is one of Prof. Nejila Parspour's research questions. Born in Iran, she studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. After receiving her doctoral degree in 1995 and a research stay in Berkley, Parspour began working as a project manager at YXLON X-Ray GmbH in Hamburg in 1996. In 2001, she moved to the Institute for Drive Technology and Power Electronics at the University of Bremen, where she won the first prize in the 2003 competition "Innovative Ideas for Companies of the Future" for the development of wireless energy transmission systems in robots. One year later she received the Technology Award of the State of Bremen for her research contributions to contactless charging systems for electric vehicles. Since October 2007, Parspour has been Professor of Electrical Energy Conversion at the University of Stuttgart, where she is directing the newly founded Institute for Electrical Energy Conversion (iew) since June 2011. In 2012, the scientist was selected as one of the first three winners of the "Übermorgenmacher"-competition for the 60th anniversary of the state of Baden-Württemberg for her achievements in the field of "inductive charging of electric vehicles".  She is co-founder and dean of the master's program in electromobility, established at the University of Stuttgart in 2013, and has been involved in the Automotive Industry Strategy Dialogue Baden-Württemberg since 2017.


Prof. Nejila Parspour
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Electrical Energy Conversion (IEW)
phone: +49 711/ 685-67818

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