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CHE ranking success: Excellent support for new students

May 2, 2024, Nr. 14

Top grades in the current CHE university ranking for the subjects chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, geosciences and social sciences at the University of Stuttgart.

The CHE University Ranking confirms once again that new students are in excellent hands at the University of Stuttgart. According to the ranking, the university is in the top group for the subjects chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, geosciences and social sciences in the criterion "support for new students" with 11 or more points out of a possible 16. Furthermore, students studying chemistry, math and physics rated study program organization as "very good".

Praise for study support, courses and more

Furthermore, the detailed results of the CHE University Rankings show that chemistry students are very satisfied with the delivery of subject-specific scientific and methodical skills, practical laboratory sessions, and study support. Mathematics, computer science and physics students also praise the range of courses on offer, the support provided by lecturers and how the scientific thesis is introduced.

Physics and computer science students also gave top marks for study support, support for studying abroad, examination organization, library facilities and IT infrastructure. Physics also received an outstanding rating for its laboratory practicals. Stuttgart Computer Science also received excellent ratings in the categories of general study framework, digital teaching elements, career orientation offers and rooms.

Computer Science, Physics and Sport were also rated with "very good" for Master's degrees completed within a reasonable timeframe

In addition to student evaluations, the CHE ranking also includes facts and figures on studies and research such as study duration or citations. For these categories, the University of Stuttgart achieved a total of 13 top ratings - for the subjects of chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, geosciences, social sciences and sports sciences. While mathematics at the University of Stuttgart achieved a top ranking in terms of doctorates per professor, the geosciences have an above-average number of citations per publication. The sports sciences and social sciences at the University of Stuttgart scored top marks for Bachelor's degrees completed in an reasonable timeframe, while Stuttgart's computer science, physics and sports sciences received the grade "very good" for Master's completed in a reasonable timeframe.

About the CHE Ranking

The CHE University Ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed comparison of universities in German-speaking countries, surveying approximately 120,000 students and examining more than 300 universities, colleges and universities of cooperative education. This year, 36 subjects were evaluated, including 15 newly ranked subjects such as computer science, medicine, political science and sociology. The results are published on HeyStudium on ZEIT ONLINE and in the ZEIT Study Guide 2024/25.

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