Experts for

Information Technology

Prof. Dr. Marco Aiello
Smart Grids, grüne IT, smarte Gebäude und Städte, Planung Künstlicher Intelligenz, cloud service-orientiertes Computing     
Prof. Steffen Becker
Simulation and Analysis of Software Designs, Trustworthy Software, Software Performance, Reliability, Maintainability, Software Quality
Prof. Georg Herzwurm
Information Systems, Information Technology, Economics, Software-intensive Business
Prof. Hans-Georg Kemper
Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIA), Strategy/Governance, Architecture/operation concepts, BIA in production and service management
Prof. Ralf Küsters
Information Security, IT-Security, Cyber Security, Hacker Attacks, Cryptography, Internet Security, Privacy
Prof. Frank Leymann
Quantum computer, software for quantum computers, cloud computing, highly distributed applications
Prof. Oliver Riedel
IT in Production, Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing processes, real-time simulation of production facilities, big data, software defined manufacturing
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