This picture shows Prof. Ralf Küsters

Prof. Ralf Küsters

Areas of Research: Information Technology, Telecommunications
Thematic Priority: Information Security, IT-Security, Cyber Security, Hacker Attacks, Cryptography, Internet Security, Privacy

Field of Work

The Institute of Information Security carries out research and teaches in various areas of information security. The fields span from system security (hacking attacks, access control, etc.), Internet and Web security, cryptography (encryption, digital signatures etc.), including postquantum cryptography, the design and analysis of cryptographic and security protocols (for example, for authentication and key exchange) to smart contracts, blockchains, and electronic voting.

Hacker attacks.

Personal Information

Prof. Küsters was born January 15th, 1972 in Kempen (Germany). In 1997 he completed his diploma in Computer Science and in 2000 his Ph.D. at RWTH Aachen both with distinction, where during his Ph.D. he also stayed at Rutgers University (USA). After positions at University of Kiel, Stanford University (USA), and ETH Zurich, Prof. Küsters became a professor for Information Security and Cryptography at University of Trier.  Since 2017 he is a professor for Information Security at University of Stuttgart where he founded and now leads the Institute of Information Security. Prof. Küsters has received several awards and scholarships for his research work. He also regularly presents his research results at the international top conferences on information security.


Prof. Ralf Küsters
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Information Security (SEC)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-88283

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