This picture shows Prof. Hans-Georg Kemper

Prof. Hans-Georg Kemper

Areas of Research: Information Technology, Business and Management,
Thematic Priority: Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIA), Strategy/Governance, Architecture/operation concepts, BIA in production and service management

Field of Work

The chair is focused on decision support infrastructures (Business Intelligence & Analytics, BIA). BIA systems are understood as enablers of innovative business and technical concepts used in the areas of industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT) and other domains of digital transformation.

Focus areas:

- From corporate strategy to effective BIA infrastructures
- BIA techniques: big data, cloud, analytical methods    
- IT-based business models in production, e. g. additive manufacturing

The chair has published several application-oriented scientific papers in the domains of business and manufacutring and presented its results at international conferences. The chair cooperates intensively and continuously with industry associations, software providers, business users, as well as consultants in the field.

Personal Information

Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Kemper - born 1957 in Essen - graduated in business administration with a specialization at Information Systems at the University of Essen where he also received his doctorate in the field of "Decentralised IT Application Development". In 1999, the University of Cologne habilitated him on the basis of his research work on "Integrated Management Support Systems". He is a Fellow of the TDWI Europe (The Data Warehousing Institute), a member of the Management Board of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Innovationsforum Industrie (STCII), and a member of the Management Board of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) German Regional Team.


Prof. Hans-Georg Kemper
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Business Administration (BWI), Department VII
Information Systems I (Information Management)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-83195

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