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Prof. Steffen Becker

Areas of Research: Information Technology, Simulation Sciences
Thematic Priority: Simulation and Analysis of Software Designs, Trustworthy Software, Software Performance, Reliability, Maintainability, Software Quality

Field of Work

In our everyday life we become increasingly dependent, on systems that are controlled by software. Examples include but are not limited to autonomos vehicles or smart utility networks. As a consequence, we expect a proper, secure and efficient, i.e. trustworthy, execution of this software. To meet the increasing complexity and the ever-increasing importance of satisfying functional and non-functional requirements of software, we develop software engineering methods, processes, languages and tools, resulting in an engineering approach to software development. An engineering approach is characterized by predictable and foreseeable results, already while designing the system.

Personal Information

Steffen Becker, born 1977 in Weilburg/Germany, is the chair of the Reliable Software Systems departmentat the University of Stuttgart. Before becoming professor in Stuttgart he had chairs in Chemnitz and Paderborn after doing his PhD in Karlsruhe and Oldenburg. Steffen is a member of various steering comittees of conferences in the areas software architecture and performance in which he also contributed with important books and successful EU projects. He is a member of the German computer science society were he currently heads the SIG on Architectures. He is engaged in active technolgy transfer projects of novel results into industry.


Prof. Steffen Becker
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Software Technology (ISTE)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-88273


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