This picture shows  Prof. Dr. Michael Pradel

Prof. Dr. Michael Pradel

Areas of Research: Robotics-Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Information Technology
Thematic Priority: Reliable Software, Cyber Security, Künstliche Intelligenz
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Field of Work

Complex software systems are an inherent part of our lives, but they often suffer from programming errors. Such errors cause program crashes, misbehavior and security vulnerabilities. To help avoid programming errors, Prof. Pradel’s research is about tools and techniques that help developers to create reliable, secure, and efficient software. His research interests span software engineering, programming languages, security, and machine learning. Some of the approaches developed by Prof. Pradel are widely  used in practice and have helped improving software used by millions of people.

Personal Information

Michael Pradel is a full professor at University of Stuttgart, which he joined after a PhD at ETH Zurich, a post-doc at UC Berkeley, an assistant professorship at TU Darmstadt, and a sabbatical at Facebook. He has been awarded the Software Engineering Award of the Ernst-Denert-Foundation for his dissertation, the Emmy Noether grant by the German Research Foundation (DFG), and an ERC Starting Grant. In 2022, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has named Prof. Michael Pradel a Distinguished Member. In doing so, it honors Pradel for his outstanding research results, which are already being used in practice and in tools by software developers.



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