This picture shows Prof. Stephan ten Brink

Prof. Stephan ten Brink

Areas of Research: Information Technology, Telecommunications
Thematic Priority: Fiberglass and telecommunications networks

Field of Work

Prof. Stephan ten Brink’s research focuses on information transmission in telecommunications and broadcasting networks. He investigates optical transmission in fiberglass networks and also in broadcasting networks whose transmission capacity is to be increased by a factor of 10 in the years to come. These include multi-antenna technology, the harnessing of frequency ranges above 60 Gigahertz which have not yet been used for transmission and also more efficient source and channel coding that allows impaired channels to be used as well.

Other research goals include new encryption techniques to improve tap-proofing and novel antennas that can be mounted on the windows of high-rise buildings, for example, as a future replacement for conventional mobile communication masts. Last but not least, telecommunications techniques are to be applied to new applications such as imaging methods in medicine.

Personal Information

Stephan ten Brink, director of the Institute of Telecommunications at the University of Stuttgart, was born in Backnang in 1970. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and obtained his doctorate there in 2001 with a contribution to the convergence behavior of iterative turbo-decoding configurations – a technology whereby data packages can be checked and corrected for transmission errors by the recipient. In 2000 ten Brink went to the USA, initially researching into detection algorithms and channel coding for multi-antenna systems at the Bell Laboratories in New Jersey and later co-founding a start-up in Irvine, California. In 2010 he returned to Stuttgart with Bell Laboratories, which had since been acquired by Alcatel-Lucent, and went on to take up the Chair of Telecommunications at the University of Stuttgart in 2013.


Prof. Stephan ten Brink
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Telecommunications (INÜ)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-68016

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