This picture shows Prof. Christian Hesse

Prof. Christian Hesse

Area of Research: Mathematics
Thematic Priority: Probability theory, mathematical statistics and data analysis
[Image: Vlad N. Sasu/Christian Hesse]

Field of Work

In his research field, mathematician Christian Hesse looks into chance and probability – in fact all processes in which coincidence, chaos or any other uncertainty has a role to play. These include share price development, weather forecasts, the lottery and other types of forecast. He also researches in the area of data analysis.

Hesse is the author of numerous books and publications, including the entertaining “Warum Mathematik glücklich macht” (“Why mathematics makes people happy”), which contains 151 astonishing stories involving mathematics. He was commissioned by the CDU/CSU parliamentary fraction of the German Bundestag to draw up the expert report to assess the negative voting weight as a result of the reform of German federal election legislation. During the Corona crisis, Hesse is one of the best-known modelers of the pandemic in Germany.

Personal Information

Christian Hesse was born in Oberkirchen in 1960. He gained his doctorate at Harvard University (USA) in 1983 and was an Assistant Professor in Berkeley from 1987 to 1991. In 1991 he became the youngest professor in Germany at the time. Prof. Hesse was a visiting professor at diverse universities around the world, including the National University in Canberra, Australia, the University of the Philippines in Manila, Xin Hua University in Beijing, Queens University in Kingston, Canada, the University of California in Santa Barbara and George Washington University in the USA.


Prof. Christian Hesse
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Stochastics and Applications (ISA)
Department Mathematical Statistics
Tel.: + 49 711/ 685-65387

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