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General information to accessibility

Address: Allmandring 31 Anbau , 70569 Stuttgart

The building is partially accessible.

The 4-story building houses the Center for Biochemical Engineering (CBE).


The footpath to the main entrance has a gradient of up to 24%. The main entrance is wheelchair accessible, but not automated. The door can only be opened with increased effort. The side entrance on the front of the building (toward Allmandring) is accessible and automated, but from the outside it can only be opened with a key. A door button post is missing - the door opener is mounted on the wall far to the left, making it difficult for wheelchair users to reach, or the opening radius of the door will be blocked.

The main entrances are on the east and west sides of the central, circular connecting structure between the two wings of the building.

The main entrance and interior doors are not sufficiently contrasted, and the glass doors are not marked. Little contrast between floor and wall. Some corridors are poorly lit.

There is an accessible parking space along the street in front of buildings 19 and 35 Allmandring. A university parking space is located at 19 Allmandring.

Der Aufzug ist barrierefrei.

The main entrance door and the doors in the hallways can only be opened with increased effort.

There is an accessible restroom on the 1st basement floor (freely accessible).

Contact in case of emergency: from 4 p.m.: Security guard Vaihingen
Emergency number: 0711 685-64444



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