Experts for

Simulation Sciences

Prof. Steffen Becker
Simulation and Analysis of Software Designs, Trustworthy Software, Software Performance, Reliability, Maintainability, Software Quality
Prof. Dr. Bernd Gundelsweiler
Precision Engineering, drives, actuators, magnets, valves, pieozoelectric and shape memory actuators, precsion injection moulding, inductive heating, ejection forces
Prof. Rainer Helmig
Modeling of flow and transport processes, porous media, numerical studies of multiphase flow
Prof. Alois Herkommer
Optics, Photonics, Optical design, Simulation of optical systems, illumination systems
Prof. Jan Hofmann
Fastening technique, Material research, Strengthening and reinforcement, Rehabilitation Earthquke engineering
Prof. Christian Holm
Theory and simulation of soft matter, biological physics, polymer and colloid dynamics, magnetic as well as ionic liquids
Prof. Frank Leymann
Quantum computer, software for quantum computers, cloud computing, highly distributed applications
Prof. Mathias Liewald
Metal Forming Technology, Production Technology, Numerical Modelling, Metallic Material, Bulk and Sheet Metal Forming, FEM-Simulation, Material Characterisation
Prof. Stefan Riedelbauch
Hydro Power technology, plant dynamics, water hammer, cavitation, turbomachines, automatic optimization of turbomachines, ocean energy
Prof. Dr. Miriam Schulte
coupled simulations, massively parallel solvers for systems of equations, efficient data structures
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