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Prof. Jan Hofmann

Areas of Research: Adaptive Building, Simulation Sciences, Civil Engineering, Lightweight Structures
Thematic Priority: Fastening technique, Material research, Strengthening and reinforcement, Rehabilitation Earthquke engineering
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Field of Work

Fastening solutions in concrete, masonry, Fastening technigue for facades and ceilings. Plugs and concrete insert as well as glued connections. Testing of building components. Reinforcing techniques and reinforcing components

Personal Information

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Hofmann received his diploma at the University Stuttgart in civil engineering and made his PhD at the „Institut for construction materials “. From 2006 to 2009 he was head of the R&D Department of fischerwerke and responsible for steel anchors and facade technique. Since October 2009 he is full professor for fastening and strengthening methods at the Institut for construction materials. In 2013 he became vice president of the material testing institute of the University Stuttgart (Otto Graf Institut).

Especially the fastening technique and the bond of reinforcing bars in combination with the retrofitting methods and gluing technique is one of his main research topic. Within durability and life cycle management he also deals with corrosion and fire exposed fastenings. He is member of many national and international code committees and author of several article.


Prof. Jan Hofmann
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Construction Materials (IWB)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-63320   

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