Experts for

Business and Management

Prof. Andreas Größler
Operations strategies: long-term and sustainable development of value creation within firms; system dynamics as a methodology to model and simlate complex dynamic systems, e.g. economic crises
Prof. Georg Herzwurm
Information Systems, Information Technology, Economics, Software-intensive Business
Prof. Hans-Georg Kemper
Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIA), Strategy/Governance, Architecture/operation concepts, BIA in production and service management
Prof. Michael-Jörg Oesterle
Corporate Governance, Organizational Structures, Strategic Management, Top Management Decisions resp. Analysis, Internationalization Strategies, Market Entry Modes, Internationalization Processes, Intercultural Management
Prof. Burkhard Pedell
Cost and revenue management, resilience, risk management, behavioral control, rewards and incentives, internal auditing, compliance, regulation of network industries
Prof. Birgit Renzl
Knowledge and Strategic Management, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Change Management, Digital Strategies, Agile Organization
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