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Prof. Michael-Jörg Oesterle

Area of Research: Business and Management
Thematic Priority: Corporate Governance, Organizational Structures, Strategic Management, Top Management Decisions resp. Analysis, Internationalization Strategies, Market Entry Modes, Internationalization Processes, Intercultural Management

Field of Work

The analysis of the strategic development of firms and thus the possible option concerning their internationalization, i. e. their cross-border activities, aims – besides the description of general  manifestations –  especially at the detection of success-relevant relationships. In this context some preliminary questions will have to be clarified first, e. g.:

  • To what extent the firm’s development is planned resp. can be planned?
  • Do individual characteristics of top managers affect the strategic development of the company? 

In addition it is necessary to address issues related to the internationalization which would be for example:

  • Does a typical relationship exist between the degree of internationalization of firms and their financial success (return on investment) resp. their capital market-related success (share price)?
  • Which conceptual and methodological problems have to be considered resp. have to be solved in the enquiry mentioned above?

Personal Information

Prof. Michael-Jörg Oesterle was born in Stuttgart in 1960. After studying Business and Economics at the University of Hohenheim he obtained his doctorate in 1992 with the thesis „Managing Coordination Problems of East-West Joint Ventures“ and his second doctorate (habilitation) in 1999 with the thesis „Growth-related Modes and Consequences of Top Management Succession”. This postdoctoral thesis was awarded with the 1st price for outstanding scientific works donated by  Südwestbank AG.

From 2000 to 2008 Prof. Dr. Oesterle held the Chair of Business Administration with a focus on International Management at the University of Bremen; subsequently he held the Chair of Business Administration with a focus on Organization Theory, Human Resources and General Management at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz. Since end of September 2011 he holds the Chair of Business Administration with a focus on International  and Strategic Management at the University of Stuttgart. Furthermore he is, since 2016, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Stuttgart.

Prof. Dr. Oesterle is editor of the English-language scientific journal „Management International Review" (together with Prof.  Joachim Wolf, University of Kiel).


Prof. Michael-Jörg Oesterle
Univerity of Stuttgart
Institute of Business Administration (BWI)
Phone +49 711/ 68583638

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