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Prof. Uta Freiberg

Area of Research: Mathematics
Thematic Priority: Fractals

Field of Work

Prof. Uta Freiberg’s research interests are focused on fractals, i.e. phenomena which exhibit a “broken” structure of whatever kind. These can be natural phenomena or those created by human hand. Many physical phenomena such as diffusion, heat dispersion and electrical conduction take place on irregular or porous materials which can be modeled using fractals.

Prof. Freiberg's work aims to define and investigate key classic terms of analysis and stochastics – such as “Laplace operator” and “Brownian motion” – and apply them to these irregular phenomena, showing how geometry, analysis and stochastics are dovetailed with each other. Potential applications include equations in areas such as structural physical and materials sciences.

Depiction of a Fractal.
Depiction of a Fractal.

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Personal Information

Born in the Hanseatic City of Greifswald in 1971, Prof. Uta Freiberg studied mathematics with economics as a subsidiary at the Humboldt University of Berlin, gaining her doctorate in 2000 as a scholarship-holder on the postgraduate program “Analytical and stochastic structures and systems” at the University of Jena. She then spent several years as a research assistant in Jena, interrupted by periods of research at La Sapienza University in Rome and the Mathematical Science Institute of the Australian National University in Canberra. In 2009 she took over leadership of the junior research group “Stochastics and fractals” at the University of Siegen. After stand-in professorships at the universities of Hamburg and Siegen, she was invited to join the University of Stuttgart in the winter semester 2013/14 where she has since been at the Institute of Stochastics and Applications.


Prof. Uta Freiberg
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Stochastics and Applications (ISA)
Tel. +49 711/ 685-66647

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