Experts for


Prof. Dr. Jens Anders
quantum sensing, quantum technology, spin detection, smart sensors, microelectronic integration of sensors, micro- and nanoelectronics
Prof. Maria Daghofer
Theoretical physics, solid-state theory, condensed-matter theory, quantum materials, superconductivity
Prof. Martin Dressel
Solid matter spectroscopy, Quantum materials, Eletrodynamic properties, Superconductivity, Carbon based materials
Prof. Klaus Hentschel
History of physics, astronomy, materials science, optics, spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, visual cultures of science & technology, databases
Prof. Christian Holm
Theory and simulation of soft matter, biological physics, polymer and colloid dynamics, magnetic as well as ionic liquids
Prof. Tilman Pfau
New material statuses, applications for quantum information technology and quantum optics
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