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Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Humanity in all its variety enriches the University. Equal opportunity, equal rights, and diversity characterize our working together.

The University of Stuttgart promotes equal opportunity for women and men in all areas and fields of activity. It regards the diversity of its members and employees as a positive, as source and guarantee of innovative ideas and developments. That we treat one another fairly is taken for granted – regardless of status, religion, age, origin and gender.

The University of Stuttgart recognizes that excellent science gets done only when many perspectives are given consideration. It anchors international and intercultural points of view in the kinds of questions it poses, methods, programs and work practices and it initiates and nurtures diverse cooperations.

This is how it attracts students and scientists from throughout the world. Our graduates know how to act responsibly in differing contexts both at home and abroad.  

The University of Stuttgart ensures that no one is excluded from a career in science or hindered on the way to one for reasons that have nothing to do with science, be it gender, ethnicity, age, or health condition. Instead, in the scientific and science-supporting realm, the University commits itself to promoting equal opportunity, diversity and study-work-life balance. It therefore offers comprehensive support in the following areas: