Projects and Participation

Apart from subject-based study programs, staff and students of the University offer different projects welcome refugees and offering them a warm welcome.

Becoming part of the University of Stuttgart also means becoming part of its lively campus scene. Several student’s and university initiatives have come up with (or are in the process of planning) projects that bring together refugees and students:

  • ‚Welcome Buddies‘: Students of the English and American Department would like to help refugee students navigate academic and non-academic life. The student’s union for the German Department wishes to initiate meetings for refugees and students. Also, the Intercultural Mentoring Program is planning to establish a “Freundeskreis für Flüchtlinge”. Information on these projects will follow shortly.

  • Hochschulsport: The Sports Center offers a variety of sports activities for refugees. 
    For a list of activities see this document; the
    English version can be found here.

Students of the faculty also share their projects with refugees in Stuttgart on

  • The Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning is developing projects based on the student’s platform 'e1nszue1ns'.1zu1 in general encourages students to use their expertise and knowledge to find solutions for problems in the real world and implement them. The defined goal is to connect different stakeholders for specific projects, work interdisciplinary, design buildings, structures or interventions in urban areas and realize them. Are you interested? You are welcome to join or support:

In the future the university, students and volunteers plan to offer more activities and social events bringing together refugees and students: check in regularly with this website to stay up-to-date.

Participants with ideas for future projects and events are invited to share their ideas. You can contact Nina Jürgens (E-Mail) or drop us a message on the University’s facebook page. Also watch out for the Welcome Campus facebook page which will be launched soon

  • The performance “Zappzarapp-from the Heart to the Sky” by the university’s Steinfus-Theater Groupcombined literary and documentary sources. Together, refugees and students staged stories of flight and its motivations.