Language learning

Often, the biggest obstacle upon arriving in a foreign country is language. Currently we offer the following options for students interested to study at the University of Stuttgart. In order to take part in any regular study program, German language skills are required.

Please note that in order to pursue regular studies at the University of Stuttgart the prospective student needs C1-level language proficiency. The University is currently evaluating resources and possible curricula for providing language classes adequate for refugees. Further information on language learning options will be posted to this website in a timely manner.


Language learning projects for German students and refugees

Sprachtandem: Enrollment possible now!

The Language Center offers an intercultural ‘Sprachtandem’ in which German students and refugees learn each other’s mother tongue. Enrollment for refugees is now possible via ILIAS. Refugees can enroll here. For further information please visit this site.

The German Department in cooperation with the Language Centre and the Institute for Linguistics has initiated the project “Sprachpate für Flüchtlinge” (Language Buddy for Refugees) where students of the department for German studies can support refugees by becoming linguistically and culturally involved in their integration process. In the project’s initial phase a 1,5-day workshop enhances the intercultural communication skills of the students. Later, students are supposed to oversee small groups of language learners and accompany them for one semester. German students can still enroll until October 7.More information here
You can download the flyer here (pdf)
Interested prospective language learners can contact Yvonne Zimmermann E-Mail

The Language Center offers an expansion curriculum “Deutsch als Fremdsprache lehren lernen”. The course offers a well-grounded and practice-related foundation for those interested in teaching German as a foreign language in adult education. For further information please visit this site.

For informal opportunities to advance language skills please see the ‘Projects and Participation’ site where you will find information on events organized by students.