Two aspects of the diverse TRACES portfolio

Launch of the TRACES Transfer Center

November 15, 2023, Nr. 61

Transfer, Coaching and Dialogue under one roof
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The University of Stuttgart has launched its new Transfer Center. The center unites technologies and knowledge from research with business, politics and interested members of the public, as well as picking up on impulses from society, supporting young entrepreneurs and accompanying students and graduates as they embark on their new careers. 

"The TRACES Transfer Center is a very important aspect of the operationalization of our transfer strategy and the sustainable further development of transfer activities," says Professor Peter Middendorf, Vice Rector for Knowledge and Technology Transfer at the University of Stuttgart. Anchored in Stuttgart - a region characterized by its economic strength and intensive research - the university aims to make a significant contribution to overcoming global social challenges, together with its partners from business, politics, and science. With its start-up-oriented transfer strategy, TRACES focuses on innovations from interdisciplinary research, agile approaches to technology and knowledge transfer, co-creation and a participatory exchange with social stakeholders.

Extensive consulting portfolio

As the central point of contact for transfer activities at the University of Stuttgart, TRACES offers an extensive consulting portfolio. In cooperation with the Institute for Entrepreneurship (ENI) and the Technology Transfer Initiative GmbH (TTI), experienced start-up coaches support those interested in founding a company and start-ups as part of  the further development and implementation of their business ideas, as well as establishing a network within the region's start-up ecosystem. Together with experts from the Division of Research and Transfer at the University of Stuttgart, they also advise inventors on their path to a patent and on intellectual property (IP) issues.  The Career Service team supports students and graduates with career orientation and the transition into their chosen profession.

Escaping the ivory tower

"We want to use knowledge to create additional benefits for society and shape the future by working together with the wider public," emphasizes Dr Rubina Zern-Breuer, Head of TRACES. One goal is to leave the ivory tower and bring socially significant topics into the scientific community, in the sense of exchange-based "public outreach" projects, to generate knowledge together, and to present research findings for discussion in a broad dialog with experts from non-academic institutions and with interested members of the public.

Close cooperations

TRACES also promotes close networking with partners from business, industry, politics, administrative bodies, and society. Experts from the field of Business Relations identify needs and trends, share scientific expertise with companies and bring the various stakeholders together with university members involved in this field. The aim is that pilot projects, research collaborations and joint innovations emerge from these close partnerships.

Building bridges between research and application

"I am very pleased about the launch of the TRACES transfer center - this will make it even easier to build bridges between research, application and knowledge transfer in the future," explains Middendorf. As part of the event "Engineering Intelligence - Cyber Valley at University of Stuttgart", the Transfer Center will be introducing itself with an exciting program on November 30, 2023. Media representatives are also cordially invited. Please register by November 24 via the eveeno platform: Engineering Intelligence - Cyber Valley at University of Stuttgart (

For more information please visit the TRACES website and the University of Stuttgart's transfer websites.

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Our guest is Rubina Zern-Breuer, who has headed the new Transfer Center (TRACES) at the University of Stuttgart since the beginning of 2023. This is where the transfer of knowledge and ideas is bundled and where the central career service for students is also located. We talk about collaboration between the university and external parties, innovation and the new startup culture. But biographical topics, such as her stay at the Thomas Mann-Haus in Los Angeles or decisive moments for her career path are also part of the conversation.

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