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International Day of Women and Girls in Science

February 10, 2022

February 11 is International Women and Girls in Science Day. The University of Stuttgart has a wide range of projects that support women and girls.

According to the UNESCO Science Report, the proportion of women in science worldwide was 33.3 percent in 2021; in Germany, it was 31 percent in 2019 (source: Destatis). The proportion of women is particularly low in the STEM subjects, i.e. science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For example, the 2020/21 winter semester marked the first time in history that more women than men began studying for a degree in Baden-Württemberg, but the proportion of women in STEM subjects was just 31 percent [de].

This is also reflected at the University of Stuttgart with its technical focus: a good third of students are women, among academic employees this number decreases to about a quarter, and only one in six professorships is held by a woman. Encouraging more women to study at university taps into a wealth of potential to address current societal challenges, such as the Covid19 pandemic, climate change, and the transition to renewable energy. Diversity in research ensures a wider perspective and thus the development of more efficient solutions.

And that is why the University of Stuttgart is actively committed to supporting this goal with numerous projects, thus paving the way for more equal opportunities and more diversity in the future. The projects include:

The United Nations General Assembly first decided to hold an International Day of Women and Girls in Science on December 22, 2015. This day is celebrated annually on February 11 and is intended to commemorate the critical role that girls and women play in the science and technology sector. At the international level, UNESCO and UN Women organize this annual event in cooperation with partners and wider society.

Interview with Dr. Johanna Bruckner on opportunities for young female scientists

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