Corporate Budget and Assets, Personnel Budget, Travel Expenses

Employees of Division 5 / Department 53 Corporate Budget and Assets, Personnel Budget, Travel Expenses

This page provides an overview of the team and the staff's responsibilities. For detailed information please click on the names.

Head of department

Job budget and job applications

Team leader position budget / Fundamental questions in the job area, Job applications
Phone: +49 711 685-82822
Special programs, evaluations, job pool, job pooling
Phone: +49 711 685-82244

Job administration

Team management personnel accounts / Basic questions on personnel costs and payroll accounting
Phone: +49 711 685-82283
Personnel accounts, processing of inquiries about personnel costs
Phone: +49 711 685-82317

Personnel accounts - Special tasks/Project support

Travel expenses

Institute Numbers 0100 to 0210 and 0428 to 0517 / Travel expenses from central funds for appointments, doctoral examinations and mandatory excursions
Phone: +49 711 685-82295



Division 5 / Department Personnel Budget, Travel Expenses

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