Exciting insights on Science Day

June 8, 2024

Hands-on experiments, lectures and impressions of university life: In a multi-part series, we will be presenting some highlights for you to experience on Science Day.
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Science Day is the University of Stuttgart’s “open day” and will be held on June 8, 2024. In this multi-part series, we will be presenting just a few program items, but there is much more to discover: Visit us and choose your own personal highlights. Feel free to browse our event app [de] in advance, mark the program items you would like to visit and be prepared to be amazed by the variety of our program. 

When? June 8, 2024, 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Where? Campus Vaihingen
Program: Event app [de]
A special highlight for prospective students: the Bachelor Information Day [de]. And our little visitors can look forward to an exciting Kids' Uni lecture on "Sport in childhood: better than you thought?".

Science Day

Highlights on Science Day

[Photos: Sven Cichowicz, o.A., Sven Cichowicz, Uwe Wössner, HLRS, Sven Cichowicz, Uli Regenscheit, Uli Regenscheit, Max Kovalenko]

Creating a digital twin

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When? 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Where? Nobelstraße 19
More information can be found in the event app [de].

What is a digital twin? Experts from HLRS will explain this to you on Science Day. You can also immerse yourself directly in the digital twin of the city of Stuttgart in the CAVE and get a glimpse of the future design of the campus as well as the fine dust and nitrogen oxide pollution in the region. 

You can also test various simulators.

[Photos: Jolanda Friedrich & Max Schäfer / IMT University of Stuttgart, Uli Regenscheit, Frank Eppler, University of Stuttgart, Uli Regenscheit, Uli Regenscheit, Max Kovalenko, Frank Eppler]

[Photos: Dan Keilhoff (IFS | FKFS), University of Stuttgart, Sven Cichowicz, Uli Regenscheit, Uli Regenscheit, Green Office, University of Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart, Frank Eppler, o.A.]

[Photos: IPE, Frank Eppler, Adobe Stock, IPP | Matthias Otte, CD/ITKE/IntCDC | Rob-Faulkner, IBK, o.A., HLRS]

[Photos: Ulrich Fries, Uli Regenscheit, Rennteam | Partenfelder, Uli Regenscheit, stuvus, o.A., Fotolia, Uli Regenscheit]

[Photos: Uli Regenscheit, o.A., o.A., o.A., o.A., Sven Cichowicz, o.A., Uli Regenscheit]

Your plan for the future!

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