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Corona has changed us: Students and employees talk about studying abroad and international experience

May 5, 2022

How has the Corona pandemic changed our everyday lives at work and at university? How can we overcome this challenge? And what opportunities have arisen?

In this series, university members will be talking about the changes they have experienced in the workplace, or on their study program and how they have been helping during the Corona pandemic. These statements will be organized into several topics and a new topic will be published regulary.

Professor Nejila Parspour, Director Institute of Electrical Energy Conversion

© University of Stuttgart | Source: YouTube

Matthias Gaugele, Head of Division Student's Affairs

Duration: 01:37 | © Universität Stuttgart | Source: YouTube

[Photos: University of Stuttgart, o.A., University of Stuttgart / Hajok, University of Stuttgart / Niethammer]

Ulrich Schneider, Experimental Physics Lecture Supervisor

Duration: 02:30 | Source: YouTube

Dr. Fabian Bross, Research and Teaching Associate Institute of Linguistics

© University of Stuttgart | Source: YouTube

What are your experiences?

How have you experienced work or studying over the past two years? What challenges have you overcome? What opportunities have arisen for you personally as a result of the Corona pandemic? We are looking forward to receiving your statement and a portrait picture to publish on the website as part of this series. Please send this via e-mail to the online editorial team at the University of Stuttgart.

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