September 30, 2021

The ‘Family-Friendly University Audit’ reaches next stage

Dialogs begin as part of the Family-Friendly University Audit

By reaching the dialog procedure, the University of Stuttgart moves one step closer in its bid to become certified as a “Family-Friendly University”. In 2012, the University of Stuttgart was recognized as a “Family-Friendly University” for the first time. Since then, the re-auditing process has been held every three years. The university management has decided together with the steering group to continue taking part in the audit. The next step in becoming re-certified is the dialog procedure. This procedure builds on the status quo by providing updates regarding the organization. The focus is on assessing HR policy with respect to employees’ family situations and their stage of life, and at the core of the procedure is a so-called “Dialog Day” consisting of multiple rounds of conversations.

Familienfreundliche Universität Stuttgart

Valerie Alvermann from the Uni & Family Service at the Gender Equality Office explains: “We bring various figures at the university up to date with the latest way of doing things and talk about ideas for how we can develop further.” The findings from these conversations are incorporated into a plan of action. This plan of action also includes existing projects and approaches aimed at supporting and optimizing HR policies which take into account an employee’s family situation and their stage of life, as well as helping students with children. Approaches from subject areas which are indirectly associated with ensuring a work-life balance are also taken into consideration, e.g. from areas such as health, inclusion and diversity.

Individual dialogs

The conversations are moderated by the auditor Dr. Georg Barzel of berufundfamilie Service GmbH. These conversations are held openly and are tailored to the individual in question, without any questionnaires or guidelines. Personal data is not stored. The dialog procedure will begin with a talk with Rector Prof. Wolfram Ressel and Chancellor Jan Gerken on October 4. Proceedings are due to be completed with four rounds of talks focusing on leadership, networking, maintenance and HR marketing. “Here we will be choosing members of the University of Stuttgart who can contribute to the discussion based on their subject knowledge and/or their individual experience”, explains Valerie Alvermann. Following on from the dialogs, a conversation with the steering group is planned for mid-November which is intended to produce a draft plan of action.



Valerie Alvermann

Service Uni & Family

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