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Another FOX AWARD for the magazine forschung leben

November 7, 2022

The jury awarded for the "Responsibility – Reconsidering intelligent systems" issue.

Delight at the University of Stuttgart: For the second time, the magazine "forschung leben" has received the silver FOX AWARD. This prestigious award, awarded by the dapamedien Verlag, was presented for the March 2021 issue "Responsibility - Reconsidering intelligent systems", created together with the agencies Fazit and 3st. The FOX AWARD recognizes outstanding communication concepts according to at least four efficiency criteria and that have an above-average impact. forschung leben convinced the jury of top-class experts from science and industry in the category "Magazine: Associations, Clubs, Organizations".

The "Responsibility" issue, which dealt with the ethical, moral, ecological, and economic implications of research, scored particularly highly for its interdisciplinary approach, its exciting presentation of complex topics, and its high-quality design and illustration: "Questions of social and technical relevance are pursued across all faculties, prepared journalistically, and answered in a way that is generally understandable and arouses interest. The design is highly recognizable, but also reduced and clearly presented.” The jury also remarked that the numerous photo productions developed especially for the magazine also made a very positive impression.

The current FOX AWARD is the second award for the University of Stuttgart's research magazine. Last year, the March 2020 issue “Intelligente Systeme für eine zukunftsfähige Gesellschaft” (Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society) received a silver FOX AWARD. At the time, the jury stated that forschung leben was "an outstanding example of easily understandable science communication - a showpiece in terms of content and appearance." "This magazine makes it easy to immerse oneself in the research world of the University of Stuttgart, appealing to scientists and interested people alike."

Online version "forschung leben"

The University of Stuttgart's research magazine was created in 2013 with the title forschung leben. It aims to closely link science and society by creating journalistic articles that address questions and problems from society and provide information about approaches to solutions from the research spectrum of the University of Stuttgart. The articles are also available online.

About the FOX AWARDS:

The Fox Awards are the trend barometer of efficient brand communication. They show how companies and organizations use content to reach new stakeholders, engage customers, and retain and attract employees. This competition in efficiency is unique in its conception and implementation. It aims to gain deep insights into the most important sectors of the economy in order to sound out their communication requirements and identify the best solutions.

The winners of the FOX AWARDS are characterized by a coherent selection of one or more communication channels with regard to the target group, brand and product, high quality brand-appropriate content and visual implementation, as well as the impact of the submitted communication solution through the coherent overall impression of concept and implementation and/or through qualitative/quantitative proof of impact.

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