Sustainability in beverage sales

Since October 2018, people buying hot beverages in the cafeterias on campus have been able to choose what they pour their beverage into, either into disposable paper cups or into their own reusable cups. Four months later, we can report on how well the scheme has gone.

Whether it is caffè creme, latte or espresso,  since October last year, customers in the cafeterias on campus have paid 25 cents more for hot beverages served in disposable paper cups than for beverages served in their own reusable cups. Customers can either bring these cups with them or buy them at the cafeteria. The success story is reflected in concrete sales figures.

Since customers were first able to choose four months ago, across the whole area covered by Studierendenwerk Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Esslingen, Göppingen and Horb), a total of 223,400 beverages were sold in reusable cups compared to 122,600 beverages sold in disposable cups.

Or to use sporting terminology, reusable cups are currently almost 2-1 up on disposal cups. We intend to keep a close eye on how this score develops in future.

To implement reusable cups is an important milestone for the University of Stuttgart’s operational target of campus development, as sustainability plays a major part in it.

Source: sws

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