Full-time employees at the University

Financing from budgetary funds and external funds

How many workplaces at the University are financed from budgetary funds, how many from external funds?

The question about the share that external and budgetary funds have in financing workplaces at the University of Stuttgart can be referred to on the one hand as the number of full-time employees - this figure is around 5,213, and on the other hand as the full-time equivalents corresponding to this number- this figure is 4,672.9.

Both perspectives are interesting. A clear statement about the significance of the financial volume of external vs. budgetary funds, however, can only be made through the reference to the full-time equivalents.

Reference value people

Of the 5,213 full-time employees – irrespective of the extent of their employment in part-time or full-time - 1,908, corresponding to 36.6 percent have a position that is fully financed through external funds; and 337 people, corresponding to 6.4 percent, have a position with mixed financing, i.e. financed from budgetary as well as external funds.

Reference value full-time equivalents

In contrast if we consider the full-time equivalents, in this case we receive an absolute statement: 1,855.5 of the total of 4,672.9 full-time equivalents are financed from external funds, corresponding to a share of almost 40 percent (39.7). Conversely, 2,877.2 full-time employees, corresponding to a good 60 percent (60.3 ), are financed from budgetary funds.

As to be expected most workplaces funded by external funds are thereby in scientific service,  where, expressed in full-time equivalents, each second person is paid from external funds (53 %).

Status: 13th March 2018, sources: Dec. I, Facts and Figures 2017, not yet published