Digitalisation as a cross-sectional task

An indication of which role digitalisation plays in current research is demonstrated by looking at the chairs newly established since 2012.

The Science Year 2014 proclaimed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research deals with the “Digital Society”.   

The fact that the topic of digitalisation – in its numerous facets ranging from simulation to modelling and automation up to the digital humanities – has already long played a significant role at the University of Stuttgart can be seen, among other things, by the number of chairs dedicated to this large cross-sectional topic.   

This is exemplified by taking a glance at the approximate period over the last six and a half years: from the total of 135 appointment procedures initiated at the University of Stuttgart since 2012, 39, i.e. almost 30 percent, clearly relate to digitalisation. These chairs are by no means only established in the IT and electrical engineering field or in the engineering sciences related to construction and planning but partly also in the natural sciences, the arts as well as in economics and the social sciences.  

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