The library system of the University of Stuttgart

The usage and media of the central and decentral libraries in numbers

An explanation of the term to begin with: the library system is defined as the combination of all the libraries belonging to the university. It covers both the central libraries, meaning the large university libraries (UB) at the Vaihingen and City Center campuses, as well as a total of 117 decentral or specialized libraries. It also includes institutes with reserve shelves.

The fact that libraries are more than just a repository for knowledge but in “normal” times serve as an important space for meeting, exchange and concentration is shown by the 1.3 million visitors they receive each year, as well as frequent use of the roughly 1,300 individual and group workspaces in both UBs. This communicative function in particular is sorely missed by students and teaching staff alike at the moment due to the pandemic.*

A total of roughly 2.5 million volumes of physical media can be found on the shelves of libraries belonging to the library system, in addition to 2,250 different print journals. 

In terms of digital media, members can choose between more than 100,000 electronic books or e-books, roughly 11,000 open access publications and around 30,500 licensed e-journals and e-databases. Annual page view numbers for digital media total around 8.5 million (all numbers are based on 2019 data).

*Further information:

The Video „Die UB in Corona-Zeiten"(DE) informs about the current restrictions but also extensions of the UB services.

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