Heads in numbers

In the following some “facts & figures“ on various groups of people at the University of Stuttgart.

21000 + 4500 + 1400

Where do our students come from? The largest group by far are the approx. 21000 Germans who are currently enrolled at the University. But also many foreign students decided in favour of Stuttgart: in total there are nearly 6000 (5913). However, quite a number of them – around 1400 – completed their Abitur (university entrance exams) in Germany, in technical jargon they are described as non-mobile foreign students. The group of international students, i.e. those foreign students who did their university entrance qualifications abroad, comprise a good 4500 persons.


The University accepted almost 9 percent of its around 27000 students as doctoral candidates, namely a good 2400 people. The proportion of foreign students among them lies at 16.6 percent (including non-mobile foreign students, see above).


Almost 3500 people work in the scientific service of the University of Stuttgart. This includes the 265 professors as well as the large group of almost 3200 (3195) academic employees which by the way includes those holding junior professorships.


What appears to be a year – for example like the year of birth of the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur or also the year of death of the poet E. T. A. Hoffmann –, is in fact the number of those persons who work in the non-scientific field of the University of Stuttgart, for example in technology, in facility management or in administration.

Status: 7th February 2018, sources: student statistic WS 2017/18 and facts and figures 2016)