Countries of origin of students at the University of Stuttgart

The fact that the University of Stuttgart is in global demand is not only apparent by the large number of its international students.

The figure of international students is currently around 4,500 foreign students, i.e. students with a foreign passport and a university entrance qualification obtained abroad, in addition around 1,500 non-mobile foreign students, i.e. students in possession of a foreign passport but who completed their university entrance qualifications in Germany. Moreover, the fact that these students come to Stuttgart from all continents of the world is an important indication of the internationalism of the university. 

Whoever studies at the University of Stuttgart currently has – at least theoretically – the opportunity to come into contact with people from a total of 123 countries and cultures. 

As expected, besides Germany, all other 27 EU member states are represented at the university. Added to this are students from a total of 95 non-EU countries.    

The countries of origin with the largest number of international students are in first place China with around 1,350 students, second place Turkey with around 600 students as well as India in third place with around 300 students.