High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart

The Stuttgart HLRS operates “Hawk”, currently one of the quickest supercomputer in the world.
[Photo: HLRS]

High Performance Computing is both science and also key technology in today’s society. The access to high- and highest-performance computers and their use has become indispensable for scientific work in many fields of research. Industry and economics today develop top-quality products that cannot be designed without model formation and supercomputing.

With Hawk we can support key industries in the state of Baden-Württemberg, enabling fields like mobility, mechanical engineering, and health to take advantage of new opportunities using simulation. One of the fastest computers located at a public institution worldwide that is also open for industrial usage is a smart investment in our future as a location for science and industry.

Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann

26 Petaflops: Capabilities like these make the Stuttgart High Performance Computing Center’s (HLRS) “Hawk” supercomputer inaugurated in February of 2020 currently Europe’s most powerful computer system. Added to this is the HLRS three-story 3D Visualization Center (CAVE) for complete three-dimensional displays of complex calculation results. Together with the high performance computing centers at Munich and Jülich, HLRS has formed the Gauss Center for Supercomputing, Europe’s most powerful supercomputing consortium.

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