Bild der Übergabe der Auszeichnung an Stefan Notter

December 17, 2019

Stefan Notter receives award from the Werner von Siemens Ring Foundation

[Picture: Stefanie Winkler, Stiftung Werner-von-Siemens-Ring]

On 13 December, Stefan Notter from the Institute of Flight Mechanics and Controls at the University of Stuttgart received an award for his research on the use of AI in flight control. His research work has helped to pave the way for the use of and acceptance of AI applications – a novel approach in the field of flight control. His aim is not to replace conventional processes, but to investigate the tasks that can be improved using system theory and machine learning. His approach has enabled him to gain a wealth of knowledge that is relevant beyond the field of flight control.

In his current research project "TakEOF", he is developing processes that help to reduce the use of fuel and energy in a (mostly unmanned) fixed-wing airplane. In his Master thesis, Stefan Notter presented a pioneering concept for drone control. In addition to theoretical construction, he has also developed and implemented a testing environment, so that the functionality of the controllers can be tested in flight.

About the award
This year, the foundation directors selected nine young researchers from the fields of science and business to receive an award and become members of the network of excellent young scientists. Every two years, the committee of the Werner von Siemens Ring foundation awards young scientists who have shown outstanding performance in technical research and development. Those who receive the award are usually aged 35 or under. 132 talented researchers have so far received the award.

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