October 17, 2019

DFG Review Board Election 2019

The DFG Review Board Election will be held from 21 October to 18 November 2019. For the fourth time, the German Research Foundation (DFG) will be conducting the election as an internet-based online vote. Votes can be submitted using normal internet access. The voting documents with login data for the online voting system will be supplied in good time before the commencement of the voting period. Eligible to vote are professors currently working involved in research work (including those without a doctoral degree), and scientists and academics who completed their oral doctoral examinations (or recognized equivalent qualifications) by 20.10.2019 at the latest.

If you fulfil the  eligibility criteria, but have not received your voting documents by the beginning of the voting period, please contact the election committee at the University of Stuttgart, Moritz Rahmann or Dr. Paul-Gerhard Martin.


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