Annual Celebration

Once a year members of the university meet with guests from society, science, business and politics in order to celebrate the academic year in a ceremony.

Annual Celebration for Friends and Members of the University

The program of the annual celebration is many-faceted: welcoming words of the rector as well as of representatives of the university council, teaching staff and students; the awarding of academic honors; and a lecture that addresses the motto of the Science Year are the main 'components'. An enthusing musical framework and a get-together round off the ceremony.

Impressions of 2019

Honorary Doctorates - Photo Clips since 2012

The honorary doctorate award ceremonies take place in the framework of the annual celebration since 2004. Since 2012, at the beginning of the award ceremonies, the University gives a brief introduction of the persons to be honored by showing short photo clips.


Bettina Neumann

Bettina Neumann

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