December 3, 2019, 6:00 p.m. (CET)

Is everything taken care of? The future of artificial intelligence

A dialogue with the RiffReportern in the form of a “commons debate”

December 3, 2019, 6:00 p.m. (CET)

Artificial intelligence is making the world’s most powerful even more powerful, because it gives them control of the population. Citizens of the world are becoming dispensable as workers, because machines will soon be able to do most tasks better than people. Is this our future? We think that people have a right to voice their own opinions on this topic and we would like to invite you to join a debate about what we can do to control these developments. Student production teams will be helping with this event.


6.00 p.m. Commencement & welcome speech 

6.10 p.m. “Digital monitoring”. Introduction by the Zukunftsreporter 

6.30 p.m. Debate

7.15 p.m. Break – get-together & snack

7.45 p.m. “Working in the digitalized world”. Introduction by the Zukunftsreporter

8.00 p.m. Debate

8.45 p.m. Summary

Format of a “commons debate”:
Inspired by the British House of Commons, this discussion format offers a varied and exciting form of dialogue. The Zukunftsreporters Alexander Mäder and Rainer Kurlemann will present their very different points of view and the participants decide who they support and then join in the debate. Anyone who changes their opinion during the debate moves seat to the other group. A moderator will ensure that the debate remains organized.

This event is organized by the International Center for Culture and Technological Research (IZKT)

Event language: German


Stadtbibliothek am Mailänder Platz
Mailänder Platz 1
70173  Stuttgart
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