April 19, 2018

1960s pop culture in Germany and France

Frankreich-Schwerpunkt (Focus on France)

April 19, 2018 7:00 PM  

Le sens de la révolte / Der Sinn der Revolte: Mai 68 heute
Panel discussion with 

Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Sohn | Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon
Prof. Dr. Robert Stockhammer | LMU Munich

Moderator: Dr. Gesine Hindemith | University of Stuttgart 

A new era of pop culture began at the beginning of the 1960s. New music sounds began to develop: the beat music played by the Beatles reached the same heights of fame as Rock ‘n’ Roll, and counter movements, such as folk music began to emerge from the likes of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. For the younger generation, beat, rock and folk music became as significant as German ‘Schlager’ music had been for the older generation. In France, the younger generation became fascinated with both English and French pop music, such as the Yé-Yé singers (including Johnny Hallyday, Claude François). However, pop culture wasn’t just about music. Fashion, watching television, love-ins: there are many diverse topics and objects of interest that it is worth taking another look at even 50 years later, examining these from both a transnational and interdisciplinary perspective. The literary critic Prof. Dr. Robert Stockhammer and historian Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Sohn have been examining objects of pop culture in France and Germany (R. Stockhammer, 1967. Pop, Grammatologie und Politik, Paderborn, 2017; A.-M. Sohn, Âge tendre et tête de bois, Paris, 2012) and they will be taking this opportunity to discuss their findings.  

Discussion in German and French with translation assistance.
This lecture series in part of the project “Le Sens de la Révolte/Der Sinn der Revolte, Mai 68 heute”. A cooperation between the IZKT’s Frankreich-Schwerpunkt at the University of Stuttgart and the Institut français Stuttgart. 

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