June 4, 2020

Examinations in times of corona - a practical test of the hygiene concept

University Chancellor Jan Gerken visited a lecture hall that was prepared for examinations according to the university's hygiene concept. He acknowledges the implementations and takes up suggestions for optimization.

The canceled examinations after the winter semester were rescheduled for the period from 11 to 30 May. Affected students could decide beforehand whether to sit the exams on the alternative dates or withdraw from them.

The examinations take place under the guidelines of the hygiene concept of the University of Stuttgart. In order for the regulations to be observed and everyone to know how to behave, the buildings and lecture halls had to be prepared accordingly - most of them under the leadership of Division 6 (Engineering and Constructions).

“It is important to see whether the points we have considered and written into the hygiene concept are actually working, and where there is still room for improvement,” Chancellor Jan Gerken explains.

Chancellor Jan Gerken suggests summarizing the various recommendations on a poster at the entrance to the lecture hall.

You can see the changes even before you enter the buildings. Signs mark the doors that are to be used either as an entrance or as an exit only. In the foyer in front of the lecture hall, markings are taped to the floor to ensure compliance with the social-distancing rules. “We should put arrows here to indicate the direction,” Gerken considers. “In addition, we still need a solution to prevent too many people being in the bathrooms at the same time.”

There are various notices at the entrance to the lecture hall with instructions regarding the hygiene concept in general, and specifically on how to behave in connection with the examination. For a better overview, the Chancellor proposes a poster that summarizes all recommendations regarding the examinations.

In lecture hall 53.01, Prof. Johannes Kästner and two doctoral researchers are supervising the Theoretical Chemistry examination. A total of about 90 students registered for this examination. The examinations took place in two lecture halls. All places that are intended for the candidates are marked with points.

Gerken discusses with Prof. Johannes Kästner (second from right) and his team how successful the preparation and supervision of the exam was under the circumstances.

Protective equipment and disinfectant are provided

The supervisors received FFP2 masks from the university before the examination. Face shields, which were manufactured by ARENA2036, and disinfectant produced by the Faculty of Chemistry are also available. In addition, there are some spare masks in case they are needed by students. After the examination, a cleaning service commissioned by Division 6 will disinfect the surfaces.

“We want everything to run smoothly,” the Chancellor says. Overall he expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of the hygiene concept. Individual points where there is still potential for improvement should be implemented before the next examination phase. He therefore calls on all interested parties to submit proposals for improvement.

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