June 18, 2020

C@MPUS with a new look & feel

Our campus management system “C@MPUS” will be successively upgraded to a new technology. The first new features will be visible to employees, students, and prospective students from 22 June. Here you can find an overview of what will change and for whom.

“C@MPUS is one of the most frequently used systems at the University of Stuttgart,” says Dr. Simone Rehm, Vice Rector for Information Technology. “Up to now we have placed particular emphasis on comprehensive functionality. By switching to the new technology, we particularly aim to improve the user interface and make it possible to use the system from mobile devices. Both will benefit our students in particular.”

University of Stuttgart switches to CAMPUSonline 3.0

Graz University of Technology, the manufacturer of our campus management system, is constantly improving its system and provides a new version in modern technology with CAMPUSonline 3.0. At the University of Stuttgart, 22 June 2020 will be the long-awaited day: In a first step, the new version will be activated, and then parts of our C@MPUS application will successively be set “live” in the new technology.

For students

The following items will change for students:

A new look & feel

C@MPUS gets a new look & feel and is adapted to the corporate design of the University of Stuttgart. The entire interface will be clearer, more user-friendly, and more modern.

This is what the C@MPUS homepage will look like from 22 June.

New features

Everyone can set up their desktop individually, filter applications by name, and mark as favorites those that are used particularly often. The applications can be sorted on the desktop and displayed in two different formats. You can create your own folders in the Favorites area.

The so-called desktop is new. There the applications will be displayed as tiles.

C@MPUS becomes responsive. This means that the display of the individual applications also adapts to the size of the smartphone or tablet. Graz University of Technology has already upgraded the applications that are most used. They can now be used by our students as well. The other applications will also be used in C@MPUS as soon as they are newly implemented by the Graz University of Technology.

The C@MPUS team revises and standardizes the instructions. You can find them on the website of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (ITAP) https://www.izus.uni-stuttgart.de/itap/campus/i-4-studierende/.

For employees and prospective students

For the time being, ONLY the C@MPUS homepage will change for employees and prospective students. The homepage will go live in the new design on 22 June 2020.

A switch to the new desktop will take place at a later date.

Until then, everyone can get an impression of the new look & feel by accessing C@MPUS without registration and viewing the information on the courses and modules offered.

Information on C@MPUS
You can find instructions and further information on the newly designed ITAP web pages https://www.izus.uni-stuttgart.de/itap/campus/
If you have questions regarding C@MPUS, please contact C@MPUS support at support@campus.uni-stuttgart.de

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