University of Stuttgart wins Urban Stair Space competition

November 16, 2022

[Picture: Schöck Bauteile GmbH]

Two student groups from the  Institute of Building Construction (IBK2) at the University of Stuttgart have won the "Urban Stair Space" competition. The students were awarded 1st prize and the university prize for their bachelor theses. The competition was organized by Schöck Bauteile GmbH, Baden-Baden, and AIT-Dialog, Hamburg.

The central competition task was to develop a conceptual design for a building staircase. The competition envisaged the design of a staircase that would not only function as a connection between different levels, but also as a space that serves as a place of encounter, a social element, and an interface between the (semi-)private and the public, or as a link between public spaces.

(From l. to r.: Vanessa Bauer, Paul Streit, Simon Vogt (Academic Staff member), Pia Niebling, Selina Schulz.

Urban densification

The work entitled "Wohngut" by Pia Niebling and Selina Schulz is an extraordinary example of urban densification. Six cubes are added to a two-story existing building, these are interconnected and accessed via an external staircase. The staircase is a key component of the design and becomes a meeting place for the residents. It clearly illustrates the Urban Stair Space theme and is visible from afar as part of the facade. Housing usually has an element of privacy, but the project "Wohngut" connects private living space with the city. Designed as a public space, the roof level is also a communal area that can be used by the residents. Structurally, the lightweight timber frame construction allows for a redensification of the existing building fabric. Overall, this is a very well thought out thesis with structural design solutions, easy-to-read plans, and outstanding visuals.



The jury's verdict on the work "Fernsehturm Stuttgart" by Vanessa Bauer and Paul Streit was as follows:
 "A daring project in several respects, making a television tower that is no longer open to the public accessible once more. A familiar view to the south of Stuttgart, which has been part of the ctiyscape for decades, has been altered so that elements of the building, or components of the observation deck on the tower have been inserted into a new geometry. To do this, the existing building has been wrapped with a single, spiral staircase that transforms the familiar image into a new architectural highlight within the cityscape."

“Fernsehturm Stuttgart” by Vanessa Bauer and Paul Streit

Dipl.-Ing. Simon Vogt, academic Staff member, Institute of Building Construction, Chair 2 for Building Construction, Building Technology and Design, Keplerstraße 11, 70174 Stuttgart; T +49 711 685-83249;


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