University of Stuttgart near top of the league for third-party funding

September 19, 2019, Nr. 83

Average amount of third-party funding per professor in 2017 was 732,000 euros

The University of Stuttgart is among the top universities in Germany at attracting third-party funding, with around 732,000 euros brought in per professor in 2017 according to the latest university rankings from the German Federal Statistical Office.

That is an increase of roughly 12 percent over the past year. Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart, said “The amount of third-party funding received by the University of Stuttgart is confirmation of the achievements of the scientists at our university.” He went on to say that “Partnerships with third parties ensure that the issues of the future in scientific research and transfer which are relevant to society and the economy actually benefit society.” The latest figures published by the German Federal Statistical Office show that as in the previous year, the University of Stuttgart is placed behind RWTH Aachen University and ahead of the Technical University of Munich.

The average professor at a university in Germany brings in around 266,200 euros in third-party funds each year. This figure does not include medical institutions or health sciences departments at the universities. These subjects have the highest level of income from third parties, at around 579,600 euros per professor. This is followed just behind by engineering at 579,400 euros, and the humanities at 132,100 euros and law, economics and social sciences at 125,300 euros.




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