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September 21, 2023, Nr. 52

The exhibition “Simulated Reality – How Bytes, Equations, and Computer Models are Improving the World”, which can be seen in the Stuttgart Town Hall from September 26 to October 13, is providing a fascinating insight into the abstract world of simula-tions. The different research topics of the University of Stuttgart’s SimTech Cluster of Excellence can be tried out and explored in a fun way at nine interactive stations.
[Picture: Stadt Stuttgart / Universität Stuttgart]

The exhibition is a part of the " Wissen trifft Stadt" event series by the Department of Science and Higher Education Institutions, which belongs to the "Coordination S21/Rosenstein and Projects of the Future" division of the City of Stuttgart. The aim of the series is to communicate scientific topics to the urban population in a way that is easy to grasp and, in addition, to show the expertise of the Stuttgart-based scientific institutions. Senior Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper and Professor Dr. Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart, will open the exhibition on the second floor of the Town Hall on Monday, September 25, 2023 at 6 p.m..

Senior Mayor Frank Nopper says: "Stuttgart is an outstanding city of science. This is demonstrated once more by the SimTech Cluster of Excellence, which is based here. Research and development from Stuttgart is applied in a wide range of fields worldwide. For example, simulation technology is being used in health research and in construction. The Town Hall is an ideal location for making this highly complex matter accessible to citizens by means of the 'Wissen trifft Stadt' series.”

Professor Wolfram Ressel says: "The University of Stuttgart is internationally known for simulation research. I am very pleased that we, together with the City of Stuttgart, are able to provide an insight into this exciting and multifaceted field of the future. Our scientists from the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Sciences strongly advocated this exhibition. They simplified sophisticated simulation models so that the models can now be presented in a way that is easy to grasp. The exhibition is also very suitable for schoolchildren."

The concept and design of the exhibition were developed by the Cluster of Excellence "Data-Integrated Simulation Science (SimTech)" of the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with the Storz Media Company GmbH in Esslingen, thereby pooling local expertise here, too. The realization in the Town Hall and the accompanying program are taking place in cooperation with the City of Stuttgart’s Department of Science and Higher Education Institutions. The exhibition is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) within the framework of the Excellence Strategy and is also supported by the University of Stuttgart and the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1313 "Interface-Driven Multi-Field Processes in Porous Media – Flow, Transport and Deformation".

The exhibition and the framework program in the Town Hall

The world of science has changed dramatically in recent decades. Today, many experiments are not performed in a real laboratory, but simulated virtually on a computer. The exhibition "Simulated Reality" is providing a comprehensive insight into this world. By means of interac-tive exhibits, visitors can experience how simulations work. They can see the wind around an airplane and understand how the plane behaves in the air. They can learn how computer models of the human body help predict the degree to which the body will respond to a medication, for example. They will find answers to questions such as: "How reliable are simulations?" and "How accurate are the predictions resulting from them?"

The framework program includes workshops for schoolchildren, guided tours, two talks, and the interactive evening event "The Art of Simulation and the Simulation of Art".

Workshops and guided tours

Various dates with advance reservation contact via email.

Two guided tours without advance reservation: 2023/09/26 and 2023/10/12, each at 5 p.m. Meeting point: Town Hall, foyer on the ground floor. 


Tuesday, 2023/09/26, 6 p.m. “How Unfair is Artificial Intelligence?” by Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab

Thursday, 2023/10/12, 6 p.m. "Flow Simulation for Pedestrians and Frequent Fliers" by Prof. Dr. Andrea Beck 

Interactive event

Simulations are currently one of the most exciting topics in the arts, culture, and society. The exhibition "Simulated Reality" inspired different partners from the arts, the City of Stuttgart, and science to organize a special event: The Art of Simulation and the Simulation of Art an interactive event on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. 


6 p.m. | Admission and free access to the exhibition

7 p.m. | Interactive discussion: "The Art of Simulation and the Simulation of Art. On the Possibility Spaces of the True and the Beautiful" with live simulations and the following guests: 

  • Jun.Prof. Amrei Bahr 
    (Junior Professor for Philosophy of Technology & Information | University of Stuttgart),
  • Prof. Mario Doulis 
    (professor in the field of new media | Merz Academy), 
  • Prof. Michael Sedlmair 
    (Professor for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality| University of Stuttgart),
  • Sadhbh Juárez Bourke
    (Theater pedagogue and intercultural mediator, staging of the play "Simulation")

Chair: PD Dr. Felix Heidenreich (International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies, IZKT)

8:15 p.m. | Get-together with electronic music, live art, performance theater, drinks, and food

10 p.m. | End of event

Please register by 2023/09/27 under: using the password “kunstdersimulation23“

Event organizers: the Department for Science and Higher Education Institutions in the L/OB-RZ division of the City of Stuttgart, the SimTech Cluster of Excellence, the International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies (IZKT), the Visualization Research Center (VISUS) of the University of Stuttgart, and the Merz Academy – University of Applied Arts, Design and Media, Stuttgart

Further information

The exhibition can be seen from September 26 to October 13, 2023, during the opening hours of the Town Hall. Admission to the exhibition as well as to the accompanying program is free of charge. The detective duo Samantha Sim and Toni Tech will be ready to accompany visitors through the exhibition, and an app with additional features will be available for download. and

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