The University of Stuttgart congratulates DLR Stuttgart on its 60th anniversary

October 14, 2021

[Picture: DLR]

Electric flying, heat shields for re-entry capsules in space travel, or energy research: the University of Stuttgart takes a look back at successful research projects with the German Aerospace Center Stuttgart (DLR) and is thankful for the long-standing cooperation.

For example, one important research project is SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. This is a cooperative project with the DLR and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). On the German side, scientific operations are coordinated by the Deutsches SOFIA Institute (DSI) at the University of Stuttgart. On board the flying observatory SOFIA is the Far-Infrared Spectrometer FIFI-LS at the University of Stuttgart. Scientists use the flying observatory to observe stars and solar systems as they form. 

The DLR will be celebrating its 60th anniversary online. The DLR will be hosting a varied daily program on a virtual stage, until Saturday October 16. There is also a gallery, offering interested visitors insights into research, and the opportunity to view a timetable of the main highlights at the DLR Stuttgart over the last 60 years, and take 360° tours of selected laboratories. On Saturdays there will also be a program suitable for children and young people. All information and contributions can be found on the DLR website [de]

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