Research partnership between MIT and the University of Stuttgart - New joint projects

June 17, 2021

The "Seed Fund" was launched by the University of Stuttgart and the MIT in 2015. The program aims to intensify the partnership and cooperation in research and teaching between university faculty and early career researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA, and the University of Stuttgart, and to promote transatlantic cooperation. Since May, the program has, once again, been supporting three cooperative projects between the two universities.

This year, three teams from the university prevailed in a competitive application process that saw applicants competing for funding of up to 25,000 US-dollars each. The teams commenced work with their research colleagues in Cambridge in May:

The seed takes root

The University of Stuttgart has maintained a successful partnership with the MIT's International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI) since 2015. The University of Stuttgart's and the MIT's Seed Fund program is a fundamental pillar of this partnership. Each year, the program offers joint teams from MIT and Uni Stuttgart the opportunity to collaborate during the early stages of research and to explore further research opportunities.

So far, the program has led to new collaborations between disciplines, such as electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, and computer science. The main fruits of this collaboration are joint publications, the continuation of collaborative work even after funding has ended, and the acquisition of new sources of funding for further joint projects.

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