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Project "Questions for Colleague AI" is part of the Year of Science 2022

January 26, 2022, Nr. 4

The University of Stuttgart and Hochschule der Medien invite the general public to a discussion about artificial intelligence.
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Artificial intelligence composes music, drives automobiles, and makes medical diagnoses: Is AI taking over the workplace? The University of Stuttgart is taking part in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research's initiative "Year of Science 2022 - Participate!", with the project "Questions for Colleague AI", which kicks off on February 1.

The project was conceived in cooperation with the Hochschule der Medien and is one of 25 projects funded by the BMBF as part of the Year of Science 2022. A transdisciplinary teaching project, a specially established citizens' council and a series of public debates enable people to reflect on the role of artificial intelligence in the world of work, to exchange opinions, ask questions and learn together. This is intended to encourage creative dialog between citizens and AI experts, thus contributing to overall reflection on the consequences, challenges and potential of AI. Civic initiatives in Baden-Württemberg are actively shaping this process.

For the first time, the Year of Science 2022 will not focus on a single topic. Rather, in the "Ideenlauf" (flow of ideas), citizens are invited to pose their personal questions to scientists, thus providing impetus for future research fields.

Launch event: Where are you going, colleague AI?

The project "Questions for Colleague AI" will launch on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. at the Stuttgart City Library. Under the title "Where are you going colleague AI? Working with Intelligent Systems", a panel of experts will be on hand to discuss this topic with the audience: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maria Wirzberger and Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab, experts from the University of Stuttgart's newly founded Interchange Forum for Reflecting on Intelligent Systems (IRIS); and Prof. Christina Elmer, Vice Head of Development at the news magazine "der Spiegel" until 2019, and currently Professor of Digital Journalism at TU Dortmund. The event will address questions gathered in the nationwide "Ideenlauf” and will also include a media contribution by students from the HdM and the University of Stuttgart. Interested parties are also welcome to follow the launch event online [de]. Registration is required if you wish to attend the event in person: by sending an email or by phoning 0711 216-96527.

Debate series with highlights

The eight-part public debate series will continue on April 26 with a contribution from, among others, Wilfried Porth, former member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and member of the University of Stuttgart's University Council. On June 28, the Stuttgart Science Festival will focus on AI, medicine, and data protection. Prof. Götz M. Richter, Medical Director of the Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at Klinikum Stuttgart, will also on hand to report on his own personal experiences. Highlights of the series include a performance of a musical work from the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra composed using AI, scheduled for October 18.

Project partners

"Questions for Colleague AI" is a joint project at the University of Stuttgart, involving the Interchange Forum for Reflecting on Intelligent Systems (IRIS), the International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies (IZKT) and the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart: study program Crossmedia-Redaktion/Public Relations. The project partners are: Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart, Forum Soziale Technikgestaltung at the DGB Baden-Württemberg, Chaos Computer Club Stuttgart e.V., AG Smart City - Digitalisierung, Ethik und Beteiligung in the IBA'27 forum, HORADS 88,6, die ZukunftsReporter.

Expert Contact:

Elke Uhl, University of Stuttgart, International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies, Phone: 0711 685-82379, E-Mail

#MeineFragefürdieWissenschaft: It is now possible to submit questions for the "Ideenlauf" [de] as part of the "Year of Science 2022 - Participate!"

Launch event “Where Are You Going Colleague AI?” on February 1.

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