On a level with the apprentices

August 12, 2023

To mark the occasion of International Youth Day on August 12: What do the Youth and Apprentice Representatives do at the University of Stuttgart?

In the University of Stuttgart's diversity calendar, August 12 is designated as International Youth Day. With this day, the United Nations aims to draw attention to the interests of young people and their political involvement. A good occasion, then, to get to know the Youth and Apprentice Representatives (JAV) at the University of Stuttgart.  

What is the JAV and who is involved in this?

The Youth and Apprentice Representatives (JAV) are there to support the University of Stuttgart's apprentices. So, if they have questions or requests, suggestions, or problems, if something is not going right, we are the first point of contact. And our apprentices often have fewer inhibitions when talking to us rather than with their supervisor. The JAV at the University of Stuttgart currently comprises five active members and two substitute members.
Currently, our active members are Katharina Lodde, Chrysowalandis Kugiumtzidis, Erik Birkenhagen, Balraj Singh Barpagga and Melisa Kayar.

What does the University of Stuttgart's JAV do?

Our primary task is to represent the interests of young people and apprentices (JA). To this end, we hold regular meetings in which we address problems that have been brought to our attention and develop solutions. We organize regular JA meetings, to ensure that we can carry out our work to the best of our ability. This is where wishes and requirements can be addressed and implemented. Furthermore, we make sure that the laws that serve to protect young people and apprentices (JA) are observed at the university.
In addition, we plan and organize various communal events, and this helps to improve contacts and relations within the group. These include, for example, company visits, barbecues, and Christmas parties for our apprentices.

Why is the JAV important?

We are an additional point of contact for all young people and trainees. In the event of problems at the facilities where the apprentices are employed, or at the vocational school they attend, we offer support and ensure that the rights and obligations of the apprentice are taken into account.

Some of the JAV's active members from left to right: Balraj Singh Barpagga, Melisa Kayar, Katharina Lodde, Chrysowalandis Kugiumtzidis

How to become part of the JAV at the University of Stuttgart?

The JAV representatives are elected every two and a half years. All apprentices and all employees who have not yet reached the age of 26 are eligible for election. All employees who have not yet reached the age of 18 and all apprentices are eligible to vote.



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