Presentation of the award with chancellor Jan Gerken (right) and Michael Celia (left)

New honorary doctor: Prof. Michael A. Celia. Communicator of science

November 21, 2018

Prof. Michael A. Celia, PhD, from Princeton University, has been awarded the honorary doctorate of the University of Stuttgart.

The award recognizes Celia as one of the world’s leading researches in the field of numerical methods for flow and transport processes in porous media, especially in natural earth systems such as groundwater or oil and gas reservoirs. The presentation of the honorary degree took place on Friday, Nov. 16th, in the framework of the university’s annual celebration.

In his laudation, Rainer Helmig from the Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems of the Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems emphasized Celia’s excellent skills as a “translator” of science: „He is clearly one of the best communicators of science and complicated research I know about.“ According to Helmig, this competence combined with Celia’s outstanding achievements as a researcher made him „one of the most influential role models – both in terms of scientific ability as well as in scientific culture – for every generation of graduate students in the field of porous media worldwide and of course for our university.” Celia's research interests were presented in a short video [de].

Presentation of the award with chancellor Jan Gerken (right) and Michael Celia (left)

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